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African Historical Linguists

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 "Although current classifications of African languages deserve to be treated by historians with reservation, one cannot overemphasize the importance of the language map of Africa as a source of information on the prehistory of the continent. Much more detailed work remains to be undertaken, and ONE AWAITS A NEW GENERATION OF HISTORICAL LINGUISTS WHO ARE THEMSELVES SPEAKERS OF AFRICAN LANGUAGES. They will be in a position to reinforce the essential groundwork of a close and detailed comparison of neighboring and closely related languages." ~ D. Dalby in Unesco General History of Africa, Vol.I (1981) (emphasis mine)

Jean-Claude Mboli is one who fulfills this role in his 2010 work "Origine des langues africaines: Essai d'application de la méthode comparative aux langues africaines anciennes et modernes"

mboli origine des langues africaines


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