It comes a time in the lives of the Africans when we realize that nobody is coming to save us. We now know we must save ourselves. The Ancestors are not coming because they’re already here. We are the return of the great ancestor. Come and make history again. Come and protect the family. Come and help to clothe, feed, shelter and protect ourselves. Come back to do what we can do, not waiting for somebody else to do what we can do. Like nature, we do for self.

This brings us to the Amen-Ra Squad and its families. We are pushing forward in working for our community. We have secured a building to further the work in the black community for all Africans. Your support is needed family. Put your money where your mouth is. We will have a variety of programs tailored to the needs of the community. Education will always help change the social and economic status of people. So join the fight with the Amen-Ra Squad as we take the hood out of the community one book at a time. Help support us as we build this Cultural Center and Bookstore. They say build it, and the people will come. We say fund it, and the people will have a place to stay. You can only get back what you put into it. (Support yourself to live).

Here’s a little bit about the Amen-Ra Squad. The Amen-Ra Squad was created to promote scientific literacy in the African American Community. Our goal is to develop educational programs and challenge academic institutions as it relates to African history. Our mission is to publish African centered books, conduct research studies, and to create business and grassroots economic opportunities. The Amen-Ra Squad is dedicated to transforming the African American community by using the proper methodology, rigorous academic study, scholarship and economic empowerment. We believe in critical thinking, peer review processes, and defined problem-solving techniques. We believe in analyzing, synthesizing and evaluating information before arriving at conclusions. We balance our mission and purpose by honoring our traditional African beliefs while using scientific literacy as a guide to empower the African American Community. Amen-Ra Squad Up!